IKEA Rumsinspiration

Jobbar sedan hösten 2018 på uppdrag av IKEA Communications med inspirerande rum till IKEAs hemsida. De första rummen lanserades i april 2019 och följs därefter med nya i augusti, oktober och februari 2020. I varje rum går vi på djupet och delar med oss av IKEAs produkter och heminredningskunskap. Det är en stor ära att få jobba i detta fantastiska team.

Step inside and recharge in this relaxing bathroom for two

A bathroom with lots of airy spaces with a luxury feel makes everything just a little bit better, smoother and less stressful – whether if you're getting ready at the same time in the mornings or if you're going out on a lovely dinner in the evening.

Where bath time is together-time, too

We always talk about streamlining your bathroom routine — but what about finding time for your little ones, too? Squeeze in some “we time” and make your bathroom a place where your children can get ready and un-ready with you, from Monday to Sunday.

A beautiful bathroom that blends seamlessly with the rest of your home

Create a calm, clutter-free, and traditional bathroom that goes hand-in-hand with the room that's connected to it – HEMNES offers a wide range of both closed and open storage solutions that will complement your personalised look (and needs) perfectly.

Tasteful, stylish and storage friendly – this bedroom has it all

Combine an open closet, smart storage, trendy fabrics, and brass-coloured details to achieve a coordinated bedroom with a fashionable twist!

Serene, stylish and full of storage – this bedroom has it all

Darker, coordinated colours and materials create a relaxed and trendy look in your bedroom. A reading area, lots of storage solutions, soft fabrics and block-out curtains assure that you will have a good night's sleep – every night.

The multitasking bedroom with a personalised touch

A creative corner, a walk-in closet, and a breakfast area – discover how a bedroom can be so much more than only a bedroom and feel so calm and relaxing at the same time.

The stylish, small bedroom with luxury details

A big bed frame in a small bedroom – here's how to create a relaxing, yet fashionable, feel with lots of practical storage solutions.

Balanced business office for work and workouts

Your office is the heart of your business where collaboration, creativity and team building all take place. When workdays are long and hectic, you can balance them with healthy working solutions, smart storage and a cosy meeting nook.

The best is yet to come – prepare for your new life together

This cosy baby room offers everything you and your baby want, and need, close at hand. A changing table with practical storage allows easy access to whatever you need to grab while safely holding a hand on your baby.

A tale of two twins in a bedroom

For parents looking to furnish for twins, this bedroom is for you. Position the cots near the doorway so you can take a peek when you need. Blinds, boxes and soft textiles are just some of the many things that can also help create a calm and cosy nursery.

My space within your space

Sometimes our spaces are small — so small that sometimes, you have to share the room with your children. Carve out a nook they can call their own with furniture in their favourite colour and a canopy for privacy.

The butterfly bedroom

Draped in playful patterns and textiles, here’s a cosy room designed for play and display. You’ll find tons of storage space for all the toys, and a dedicated area for tea parties and more!

A small shared bedroom with big ideas

When two siblings share the same interest, they can turn a small bedroom into a creative hub for DIY projects and use their furniture in different ways. They might have to share a bunk bed — but in the end, they can devote more space (and time) to their craft.

Keeping a cool blue tween bedroom

Sleep, study and socialise in a small space your preteen can call their own. A single SLÄKT bed comes with tons of storage for clothes and tech, while SKÅDIS pegboards and PLATSA modular wardrobes can be arranged in any way to fit their needs.

Weave your unique dining room look

Eat, work and entertain in a dining area that is both stylish and environmentally conscious. NILSOVE rattan chairs are unique in every way, each weaved individually and with natural colours that transform with time.

Bright, crisp and so inviting – here's a living room to create many memories in

See how a small living room, thanks to the right storage solutions, still feels airy and inviting. HOLMSUND corner sofa-bed offers hidden storage and room for your overnight guests.

A 24-hour living space with standout storage

When your living room is also your bedroom, you need smart storage solutions. Modular storage, sofa beds and seating units with secret compartments are just a few ways you can clear up space and stretch out to relax.

A modern, bright, and airy kitchen with wooden details

A sleek, stainless steel sink for a trendy look, some music on a Bluetooth® speaker to set the mood, and wooden details to add a little warmth to the room. Here’s the recipe for a stylish, fun and welcoming kitchen!

A green oasis in the middle of the city

Invite your friends to a real outdoor experience – on your balcony! Greenery combined with comfortable seating and nifty storage solutions make this the number one place to hang out all summer long.